About us


We are a group of restaurants based in the city of Barcelona, where we have ten spaces.
All our restaurants have their own personality, a menu that is faithful to our roots and a carefully designed interior.

Why GOUT ? Because GOUT means TASTE in French. And taste is one of the senses that best defines our profession, gastronomy.

Why ROUGE ? Because rouge (red, yes, also in French) has different connotations, including passion.
Because red is synonymous with passion and passion is what defines our day-to-day. Passion for a job well done. For detail. For the customer.

Passion that leads us to create unique moments for the client. Passion for creating happy moments in our spaces.

In addition to the management of our own premises, our group provides consulting services to others of recognised prestige.


Our philosphy


“Our philosophy and passion is to make our customers happy through our gastronomy, with a French base and Barcelona character, in unique spaces”.

Chef Romain Fornell

Our Team

Chef Romain Fornell, CEO y Hugues De Montfalcon, Advisory Board Member

Romain Fornell is the Chef, CEO leader and ideologist.

He started his career in gastronomy from the age of 15. His passion and dedication for the culinary arts made him win his first Michelin star at the age of 24.

He then moved to Barcelona, to take the lead of the restaurant Caelis, which received a Michelin Star and still owns.

Hugues de Montfalcon, Advisory Board Member, is an expert in the new technologies and communications.

He spent his career between France, Spain and Switzerland, where he managed and created different companies in the digital field.

Romain and Hugues, share a common passion for the culinary arts and gastronomy.

With their knowledge and experience in their respective fields, they created together the group Goût Rouge.