Café Turó

Tapas, cocktails and Terrace

Café Turó now; formerly Bar Turó. An institution in Barcelona.

Romain Fornell took over this venue, which occupies a prominent place in the imaginary of the Turó Park area, in 2014. He completely renovated the interior design of the room and the decoration of the terrace. He also designed a completely new gastronomic offer. Halfway between a bistro and a tapas house, the menu of Café Turó aims for everyone to find their place in the place. Anyone can feel at ease and always find the dish of their choice. Café Turó is on a par with the great Parisian cafés. With an uninterrupted kitchen open every day of the week. A commitment to service from the first to the very last minute. From the earliest breakfast to the latest drink.

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